As a non-profitable organisation approved by the HKSAR Government, our ministry and operation fully rely on the donation support. Any donation of HKD$100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong. Your generosity will not only be much appreciated but much essential to support our work and bless the communities in need!

Online Donation via Credit Card

Monthly Donation One-off Donation

Donation via ATM

The bank account of Cornerstone Association is 277-9-019591 (HSBC). Please return a copy of the receipt to our office along with your name and contact number by post, fax, or email. 

Bank Account Monthly Autopay

Please download and fill in the [Direct Debit Authorisation form] and return it to our office by post, fax, or email.

One-off Cheque Donation

Please make cheque payable to Cornerstone Association Ltd. and submit it by post or in person to the Cornerstone Association office along with your name, contact number, address, and intended use of donation.

Credit Card Donation 

Download the [Credit Card Donation form]. Fill in the form and email/fax/mail it to the office of Cornerstone.

Hand in Donations Personally

You can bring donations (cheque / cash) to the office of Cornerstone in person during office hours Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00.

Inheritance Donation

You can perpetuate your love by donating part of your inheritance. We would be pleased to talk about the details with you. Please call (852) 23148942.

Cornerstone Credit Card

Apply Cornerstone credit card, you can enjoy free annual fee! Bank will donate 0.4%of your spending to support our general fund. Every time you spend with our credit card, you are supporting us! Please enter the Shanghai Commercial Bank Credit Card website for online application procedures. 

Shanghai Commercial Bank Cornerstone Credit Card

DIY Fundraising Event (Detail)